EnviraSponge Authorised Distributor EnviraSponge-Logo-w-slogan-(hi-res) EnviraSponge has been specially developed to provide a low-dust environment for surface preparation. EnviraSponge_24Sep2011_0034 tidied

What is EnviraSponge?

EnviraSponge is an abrasive encapsulated within sponge. Choosing EnviraSponge offers superior results and will achieve a safe, sustainable surface preparation whilst also being environmentally responsible. EnviraSponge's dust containment and its ability to perform dry make it well suited in a production environment. Increased productivity and reduced down-time can be achieved because EnviraSponge allows confined spaces to be cleaned without affecting sensitive equipment. EnviraSponge can be propelled via our range of Media Generators (blast machine). On impact with the surface the sponge flattens and exposes the abrasive which abrades or cleans whilst at the same time the sponge captures any dirt/contamination/dust on the surface. On rebound the sponge expands back to its original size causing a vacuum inside the sponge which captures the airborne dust particles. EnviraSponge is recyclable and minimizes waste generated during surface cleaning. Unlike conventional hard abrasives which ricochet with significant retained energy, EnviraSponge transfers its energy upon contact by flattening out, thus vastly reducing the danger to the operator from ricochet.
MG100 Media Generator The main benefits are:
  • Low Dust - Contaminants are contained at the source, resulting in up to 98% less dust than conventional blasting.
  • Superior surface preparation, achieving up to SA3/SSPC-SA5 quality finish/cleanliness.
  • Ability to work safely in confined environments.
  • Keep your sensitive assets protected.
  • Recyclable. – reduces waste by up to 94% versus conventional blasting.
  • Improved operator visibility, meaning less re-work. Greater operator safety - low energy abrasive rebound; low dust.
  • Reduce down-time - with a near dust-free environment other trades can work simultaneously improving productivity over the different stages of a project.
  • Dry surface preparation - no water used to achieve dust suppression, decreasing chances of flash rusting compared to wet systems.
  • Replace mechanical cleaning tools for faster and easier treatment of curved surfaces with a near-perfect finish.
  • Enhanced surface cleaning and chloride removal from steel. Removes up to 60% more chlorides than conventional blasting and can eliminate the need for any additional rinse-clean
  • Can create a surface profile of between 5 - 100 microns on steel.
EnviraSponge System,